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Destiny Charles is a 40-something advertising executive who has never really recovered from her difficult divorce 3 years ago. Ambitious and career oriented, she has spent the last few years alone and is hesitant about starting any new relationships. However, when she meets Troy, a handsome, streetwise artist that is half her age, all that changes.
Troy comes from the streets and knows how to get what he wants. He has no past, and unconcerned about the future, he recklessly gets caught up in the world of urban decay which permeates his neighborhood. A true lost soul though not as tough as his exterior suggests, Troy will stop at nothing to convey his passion to Destiny.
Confident and sensuous, he is everything Destiny is looking for. As he seduces her, luring her into his life and catering to her deepest fantasies, the line between eroticism and obsession slowly begin to blur. Troy awakens Destiny s most hidden desires, but this hot can only burn for so long. The deeper they go, the harder it is to for Destiny to untangle herself from the erotic and dangerous web Troy has caught her in.


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