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Originally from Tucson, AZ, Miles Gabriel Bartlett (guitar, vocals), Erik Ketchup (bass, vocals), and Aharon “Carlos Danger” Lund (drums) started writing together in 2008 under the name Cadillac Steakhouse. In 2013 they relocated to Brooklyn NY and started a new band with the addition of Jericho Starr Davidson (drums, vocals) under the name “Big Bitch” aka “Meryl Streep” aka “Liberace Indian Peacock Spaceship”, finally creating the tyrannical, obtuse, indecent monster known as “Tight Fright” in 2016. They have been described as equal parts  “Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band wandering the desert, tripping on peyote with Motörhead, leaving a trail of empty baggies and beer bottles, giving zero fucks, (except for a good joke), so long as the good times keep-a-rollin.” Their debut album “Hotel Metal” was released on February 24th, 2017 via Silver Sleeve Records.
Fun facts:
– Jericho won a national Budweiser competition
– Ketchup has one wizard eyelash
– 50 percent of the band is uncircumcised
– 50 percent of the band study juijitsu
– 50 percent of the band is drums.
– 100 percent of the band totally RIPS

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