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Sophie B. Hawkins… her name says it all and she will try anything and risk anything as long as it has to do with her art. Having previously scanned in excess of 3.9 million units, her new double CD, Live! Bad Kitty Board Mix, showcases what she does best – perform live.

Live! Bad Kitty Board Mix was recorded without Sophie knowing it at the famed Triple Door in Seattle to a full and raucous house. It shows her genius at being in the moment, improvising, playing and going off into what is that magic space for a performer where you are totally connected to that other world. Sophie takes the listener with her on the ride. This “raw” CD is different from any you will hear… no pitch correction or fancy protocols… just a board mix and Sophie!

Playing an array of instruments, Miss B takes the listener from her pop hits Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover and As I Lay Me Down from the 90’s, to her infamous banjo song Lose Your Way Top 20 in 1998), her 2004 Top 20 hit Walking On Thin Ice, her mixture of the blues Sweetsexywomanand a cover of Nina Simone’s Feelin’ Good. And… Sophie recorded some bonus tracks at Sydney, Australia’s famed club The Basement.

As Sophie herself says, “For me, this CD is about the improvisations, not the songs you already know, it’s about what they become in front of you, totally raw, exposed and new every night, reaching for something real, reaching for something that sounds like an instrument of our heart using the breath of our soul to speak, to cry out.”

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