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“Beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder. It’s a subjective thing that means different things to different people. Music is often judged by similarly vague standards. What is art to some is noise to others. My music definitely calls on both sides of the argument, for some people, from time to time! This record is different from any record I’ve ever been a part of. We recorded it in one day, in the middle of a southeastern U.S. tour. With the exception of the overdubs done by Kieth, Tab, and Janet, nothing was changed from the time we hit record until we left the following morning. It’s full of mistakes, mostly mine. I left them in, because I was determined to make a record that was as honest as possible. We live in an age when technology makes almost anything possible, but the art of creating music is in danger of being buried in that same technology. I wanted to prove to myself that you can still make a record of performances and it will sound right. I called it CHIPPED FRONT TOOTH, because of something my wife pointed out to me. She and I were listening to a rough mix one day and I was apologizing for and explaining the mistakes, when she pointed out that sometimes it’s the little imperfections that make something more beautiful. A beautiful girl with little laugh lines at the corner of her eyes or maybe even when she smiles she reveals a chipped tooth that somehow makes her more real and more beautiful than if she were “perfect”. If you come see us live, you won’t hear perfection, but hopefully you’ll hear flashes of “perfect imperfection”; real, honest music played with joy and love from our hearts to yours.”

— Scott Holt Tennessee, 2003

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