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Celebrating their 33 1/3 anniversary, Leslie West and Corky Laing have put their solo careers on hold and re-formed the legendary rock group Mountain. With offers for tour dates for the reunited band flying in from all over the world, Leslie and Corky decided to ignite the worldwide tour with their first new studio album in years.

Mystic Fire “may be the most coherent Mountain album we’ve ever made,” said West, “and it’s certainly one of the best. It sounds like a Mountain album is supposed to sound.”

West’s guitar wizardry has only been enhanced by his years of experience and modern studio techniques. And drummer Laing still attacks the drums with the energy of the teenager who joined the band shortly after it played the original Woodstock festival: “I’m in the best shape of my life,” he said.

This is the band that helped create the heavy metal genre, and refined the concept of the power trio.

In a time when most of their peers are turning down, Leslie is still turning those Marshall stacks up to 10 and beyond. Corky and Leslie both agree, there is no retirement plan in this business – “we play in Mountain because it is there. . . “

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