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These compositions are of the fabric of soul and weave a tapestry of music that remains in my waking mind long after I’ve stopped listening. As my attention is diverted to other interests, suddenly and again, these haunting and uncannily familiar melodies resurface and I am once again transported to a time and place imprinted with the dreams and longings of a people that I could never know. Yet, through her music and the contribution of the inimitable musical alchemist Nana Vasconcelos, who is truly possessed of the soul of the “Prietos Viejos” (ancient native spirit ancestors), I am touched profoundly by their folklore and legend, their oral tradition transmuted into precious liquid sound. Atavistic and modern, these musical threads weave through time. From the plaintive and haunting song of the slaves (Canto dos Escravos), through the modern jazz instrumentation of “Tuaregue e Nago'” to the pensive Trampolim, Monica’s sultry voice cajoles and caresses one into surrender and compells a sublime awe for her culture. I don’t understand Portuguese yet, although it would undoubtedly enhance my appreciation, I still feel irrevocably connected to this music as, I am certain, would anyone else who loves music.

— Joseph Cigan

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