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Extraordinary Film And Music

Life is a score. We are all instruments joined together, carrying our own rhythm, tempo, dynamics and emotion. The trumpet, a noble and brilliant general spreading sounds of triumph or defeat. Drums; like the law, laying down the rules for everyone to follow. Tuba; the strong and powerful father who always wants to be heard. He who is the saxophone is a rebel. A part of the group but not often noticed, breaks off and defies all laws of conformity, going at his own pace and rhythm. The oboe; the whining child. When still and clam is music to the ears. Flute; the ballerina, gliding through the air bringing peace and tranquility. Ad the piccolo; the energetic circus clown who gets annoying after a while.

We are all on this earth together where music speaks to the imagination, the heart, and the soul; communicating in a language understood by all. Unique in an infinite variety of arrangements, turning black and white into vivid color; it empowers the body, taking over all the dissonance and replacing it with harmony. Without music we would be lost in a realm of silence. Life is made of sound and sound is made of music.

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