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“With only two exceptions, all the songs on this album are Brazilian classics made famous in the ’60s and ’70s by the brilliantly mercurial singer Elis Regina, who died tragically in 1982 at age 37. The well-known Brazilian singer-guitarist-composer known simply as Joyce, one of Regina’s best songwriting friends, reintroduces Elis’s repertoire with the eminently tasteful assistance of American jazz saxophonist Joe Lovano and pianist Mulgrew Miller. Concentrating on the subtleties of Brazilian harmony rather than percussion, Astronauta is a sophisticated uptown take on classic material ranging from samba primitivist Ary Barroso’s “Aquarelo do Brasil” (made famous by Carmen Miranda) to a rare English-language version of Antonio Carlos Jobim’s exquisite “Waters of March.” By emphasizing the music’s strength, clarity, and intelligence, Joyce paints a telling, tearless portrait of Elis Regina.” Richard Gehr

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