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The live stage was Grover’s second home – an oasis where he soared above everyone that tried in vain to bring him down. Neither critics nor a fickle music industry could grab hold of Grover’s wings. He was free and powerful. Those of us who were in his band were fortunate to be along for the flight.

I can still picture Grover playing “Let if Flow” – beads of sweat on his forehead as he poured his heart into the saxophone. Giving his all. I remember being given the “nod”. Getting the opportunity to step out and solo, to step out of the shadows. Actually there were no shadows. Only light. Grover expected everyone in the band to shine. He was a rare star who knew he was blessed with a light that could not be diminished by sharing the spotlight.

In fact, not even his passing can make Grover’s light grow dim. His contribution as an artist can be heard in countless musicians that have followed him. Certainly his light shines brightest in the hearts of those who knew him. I remember him clearly, vividly and when I listen to this live recording, I am standing with him again on the stage.

— Gerald Veasley

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