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“This “racine” or Haitian roots band’s fourth LP “Revolution,” kicks off with “Sevelen/Sukiyaki (No More Excuses for the War)”–a searing and wildly imaginative reconception of the classic Japanese ditty–and runs on high octane through all 13 tracks. Recorded in Fugee Wyclef Jean’s New Jersey studio and mixed in Brooklyn, it is Boukman’s finest yet: equal parts temple devotion, dance floor frenzy, and frontline resolve. The music roils with Haiti’s centuries- old turmoil balanced by a staunch faith that better must come. This is the best yet from a world music favorite known for blending excitement (hypnotic chanting, pounding drums, “Lolo” Beabrun’s impassioned wails) with Western pop forms (blistering guitar raves and jangly keyboard riffs).”

Elena Oumano

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