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DVD Includes Four Fully Animated Programs “Baby’s Bedtime” – By Judy Collins, “Baby’s Nursery Rhymes” – By Phylicia Rashad, “Baby’s Morningtime” By Judy Collins and “Baby’s Storytime” – By Arlo Guthrie.

Baby’s Bedtime, features the angelically soothing voice of Judy Collins in a spellbinding collection of best loved lullabies, scored with a 14-piece string orchestra conducted by Emmy winner Ernest Troost. Each lullaby is beautifully animated in soft pastels by director Daniel Ivanick. Adapted from Kay Charao’s book, The Baby’s Bedtime Book. Includes Lullaby and Goodnight, Hush Little Baby, I See The Moon, My Bed is a Boat, The White Seal’s Lullaby, Gaelic Lullaby, The Land of Nod, Tree Shadows, Stars, Day Is Done, and more. Winner, Parent’s Choice Gold Award

Baby’s Nursery Rhymes, features the jazzy voice of The Cosby Show’s Phylicia Rashad in a very hip collection of all the best nursery rhymes, scored and produced by Grammy-winning producer Jason Miles. Each nursery rhyme is whimsically animated by director Russell Calabrese. Adapted from Kay Charao’s book, The Baby’s Lap Book. Includes Old King Cole, This Little Pig, Three Little Kittens, Cat and The Fiddle, Little Miss Muffet, Humpty Dumpty, Mary Had A Little Lamb, Little Bo Peep, Three Men In A Tub, and more. Winner, Parent’s Choice Gold Award, TV Guide Top 10

Baby’s Storytime, features the music and voices of the beloved Arlo Guthrie who tells 11 classic children’s stories in his inimitable style. Each story is lavishly animated by Oscar-nominated director Michael Sporn. Adapted from Kay Charao’s book, The Baby’s Story Book. Includes The Princess and The Pea, Three Billy Goats Gruff, Little Red Riding Hood, The Wind & The Sun, The Gingerbread Man, Three Little Pigs, The Lion and the Mouse, Henny Penny, The Hare & the Turtle, and more. “A” rating from Entertainment Weekly.

Baby’s Morningtime, again features the amazing voice of Judy Collins , this time singing some of the world’s most famous poems set to music by Ernest Troost and his orchestra. Each poem is beautifully visualized and animated by director Daniel Ivanick. Adapted from Kay Charao’s book, The Baby’s Good Morning Book. Includes poems from Gertrude Stein, A.A. Milne, Robert Browning, and Emily Dickenson, such as I Am Rose, The Pancake, The Worm, Ducks At Dawn, Getting Out of Bed, The Violet, Little Bird, and more.

Winner, Parent’s Choice Silver Honors Award.